Vineyards – West


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Woodmill Winery Woodmill offers an extensive list of muscadine wine (a sweet grape that is the specialty of North Carolina) of varying sweetnesses. There are also berry wines. The oversized cabin that houses the tasting room is on a beautiful piece of property, the large wood deck overlooks the vines and a small lake. I really like the reasonably priced pottery that’s on sale in the tasting room.
Baker Buffalo Creek Winery Baker Buffalo is run by an endearing retired couple who is very focused on cultivating good grapes to make great wine. The chardonnay is my favorite. Tasting is in an old barn, and there’s comfortable places to sit outside and share a bottle of wine. It has a cute farm feel, complete with a little silo.‎
Owls Eye Vineyard I think this is the most beautiful vineyard we’ve been to in NC. I love the sunny patio here. The winery is in a beautiful log cabin perched on a hill overlooking the vines. Very friendly owners who encourage you to bring food and hang out for awhile over a bottle. Don’t mind of we do!
Southern Charm Winery Note this is only a winery (not a vineyard), so it’s located in downtown Lincolnton. This is a good place to go do a tasting, but not really to hang out to a glass.