Belgian Breweries


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Orval Abbey This is the most interesting abbey to visit to walk through the crumbling skeletons of older monestaries built since the site was originally founded 1132. There are 2 museums, one on how Orval makes their beer and the other on the history of the monestary. About a mile down the road from the Abbey is a tasting room where you can try all the beers along with the cheese made at Orval. Keep in mind, as with all the breweries on this tour, you cannot see inside the actual brewery, but you can hear and smell the operations from outside the abbey walls. 
Rochefort A pretty abbey, you can stroll through a minimal area of the grounds, there is no information visible on the beer or operations at the abbey. This is the only abbey on the tour that doesn’t have any sort of ‘official’ tasting room, so we recommend stopping into one of the pubs in the quaint town of Rochefort for a taste of the beer and cheese.
Maredsous Abbey This is the only abbey on this tour this is NOT producing a Trappist beer. It’s included because the abbey and grounds make for a beautiful visit and it’s easy to enjoy beer and cheese at the café directly on site which admitedly has an oversized cafeteria feel. Website
Chimay The abbey is open to walk the grounds and see the church, modest but attractive. The (rather touristy cafe) Auberge de Poteaupré is a short ride down the road from the abbey, where you can try the beer, cheese and order lunch off the full menu. There is a gift shop with all the Chimay parafanalia you would ever want. Of interest, at this and few other abbeys, the monks brew a ‘special’ beer explicitly for their own consumption and the tasting room is the only place in the world you can try it on draft. Taste wise, the beer is nothing special, but when in Belgium. Website
Westmalle Brewery The abbey is completely closed to outside visitors, so the best you can do is skulk around the outter perimeter stone wall and catch a whiff of the hops. Directly across the street from the abbey at Cafe Trappisten you can sample the beer, cheese, and watch a short video on the abbey. The cafe has a full menu. Website
Achel Achel straddles the Belgium/Netherlands boarder. The locals cruise up on bicycles and catch up on town gossip over pints. You can stroll around part of the grounds and get a beer directly on site. Website
Koningshoeven This abbey is in the Netherlands. Tourist visits are well organized, your walking tour of the grounds will be led by a tour guide. The cute tasting room is directly on site with taps for each of the 12+ beers available on draft. There is a nice patio adjacent to the tasting room. Website